The ASC has a well furnished computer lab (24 computers) with internet connectivity with appropriate furniture. ASC is equipped with Audio, Video aid and CD ROMs. Software like SPSS and ACROBAT are available in ASC, AMU.

ICT and internet facilities are frequently used by the Academic Staff, Administrative Staff of ASC and participants when the programmes are in programme.

  • Fully Air-Conditioned Computer Lab

  • Wi-Fi Connectwity

  • Comfortable seating arrangment

  • 24 hrs power supply

  • Software

The Library of UGC-HRDC, AMU has good collection of 1500 reading materials (books) relating to various disciplines such as education technology, personality development, psychology, leadership quality, life sciences, environmental science, computer science, political science, history, research methodology, languages, HRM, Physical and Chemical sciences, etc. The library of HRDC AMU itself is being used as a reading room.

  • Study material on higher education and national integration.

  • A booklet distributed to the OP course participants on research funding sources.

  • Visits to museum/rare manuscripts section of the MA library/ Science Lab. AMU Campus Tour.

  • A volume of 395 pages on the OP course contents given free of charge to the OP course participants.