UGC Human Resource Development Centre

 Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh

Vision, Mission & Objectives


Building quality and excellence among teaching community in higher education through imparting knowledge, updating teaching skills/technology periodically, promoting critical and innovative thinking, application of ICT for updating curricular transactions in order to turn India into a global leader of the 21st Century in Higher Education


Our mission is to impart required knowledge and skills to the newly recruited and in-service academicians and administrators associated with higher educational institutions to pursue activities with new emphasis related to quality of education, organizational development, community and societal service, as well as basic and applied research endeavours.


  1. To inculcate right kind of values and societal responses in student community to make them knowledgeable citizens.
  2. To impart new teaching skills/tools and teaching technology and values of education to the newly recruited colleges/universities teachers.
  3. To update knowledge in cutting edge areas of research of in-service academicians associated with higher educational institutions.
  4. To impart ICT and information resources in teaching and learning processes. To maintain and improve professional competence and to enhance career progression.